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Day 285: The Christ in You (T-24.V)

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    Martha Lindstrom
    Martha Lindstrom
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    I feel like I had a big a-ha moment in this lesson. I’ve been finding the footnotes so helpful. And have been really slowing down and visualizing each and every word/sentence (I had a vision of making a very long, crowd sourced movie in which students act out the passage, showing how everyone is Christ, but that’s another story).

    Anyhow, it just now occurred to me that Jesus is not necessarily referring to points in past history/literature (St. Patrick’s Breastplate), but rather those people in history were awakening to the Truth to some extent. St. Patrick likely understood parts (or all) of Jesus’ (Truth, however previously communicated;bible, Tao, Bhagavad Gita, etc) message!

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