Journey through A Course in Miracles with expert guides and a community of friends.

Course Companions is an online community of dedicated students and teachers of the Complete and Annotated Edition of A Course in Miracles (CE) from the Circle of Atonement.

A Course in Miracles is a contemporary spiritual classic.

You may have heard it quoted in the writings of Marianne Williamson, Eckhart Tolle, or Deepak Chopra. It is often called the Bible of the New Age movement.

The Course is a treasure trove of wisdom unlike anything the world has ever seen. It has a unique perspective on forgiveness, love, self-esteem, meditation, God, relationships, and countless other topics.

At the same time, it is also notoriously difficult to get through. Opening its pages for the first time is like arriving in an exotic foreign country. You don’t speak the language and you don’t have a map. You’re going to need some help.

You need expert tour guides and a supportive community of fellow travelers. This is exactly what Course Companions provides. Our one-of-a-kind online program takes you by the hand and guides you through all three volumes of A Course in Miracles in a community of kindness, respect, and friendship.

“It is mind blowing the difference this is making in my study of the Course.”

Isadora Karcher

How the program works

Now is the perfect time to make good on your spiritual aspirations by committing to a practice of A Course in Miracles. When you become a member of Course Companions, you will receive the following:


Structured reading plans.

We provide you with a reading plan for any volume of the Course, which tells you exactly what to read on a given day. The calendar is broken down into a manageable 1-3 pages of reading per day, allowing you to complete the Text or the Workbook in one year or the Manual for Teachers in 50 days.

Download a sample Reading Plan


Daily commentaries on your section or lesson.

Each morning at 5:30 a.m. (local time), you will receive an email containing commentary on the day’s section or lesson written by Robert Perry. Each commentary is approximately 800 words and is designed to draw out the main themes in such a way that you can understand them, relate to them, and connect them to your everyday experience.

Read a sample Text commentary

Read a sample Workbook commentary

Read a sample Manual for Teachers commentary

Read a sample Supplement commentary


Access to a beautiful membership site for all your materials.

Our Course Companions membership site features every commentary for the Text, Workbook, Manual for Teachers, and Supplements, as well as four years’ worth of archived classes in one place for easy reference.


Weekly classes that offer both traditional instruction and facilitated discussion.

As a member of Course Companions you have the option of attending weekly classes on the volume of the Course you are studying. Text classes are led by Robert Perry and Emily Bennington and are held on Wednesdays at 11 a.m. Eastern. In 2022, Text class themes are as follows:

January: Miracle Principles
February: A New View of Psychotherapy
March: The Holy Spirit
April: Our Relationship with Jesus
May: Sickness & Healing
June: Your Function Here
July: The Holy Instant
August: The Obstacles to Peace
September: Living in an Insane World
October: Above the Battleground
November: The Secret of Salvation
December: The Final Vision

Workbook classes are led by Mary Anne Buchowski on Mondays and Thursdays at 11 a.m. Eastern.

All classes are free for Course Companions members and recordings are archived in the membership site so you can access them at your convenience.

Watch a Text Class with Robert and EmilyWatch a Workbook class with Mary Anne Buchowski


Sunday Gatherings twice per month.

On the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month at 11 a.m. Eastern, you are invited to join our Sunday Gatherings. These Gatherings offer an opportunity to be together as we experience and share the transformative power of the teachings and practices of the Course. Sunday Gatherings feature an inspiring message, music, and poetry in a sacred setting that is designed to offer more of a “church-like” experience for Course students.

Watch a sample Sunday Gathering

Course Companions Handbook

For a more comprehensive overview of the program, you are invited to download our Companions Handbook below.

Preview the 2022 Handbook

“This is easily the most effective study program I have used since starting ACIM in 1985.”

Marijke Lewis

About your hosts

Robert Perry

Founder and Lead Teacher

Robert is editor of the Complete and Annotated Edition of A Course in Miracles (CE) and one of the Course’s most respected teachers. He began teaching the Course in 1986 and has shared its insights with students throughout North America and around the world. Robert’s teaching grows out of his dedication to the Course as his own path and his desire to assist others in their own spiritual development. Robert is the founder of the Circle of Atonement and the author or coauthor of more than 20 books and booklets, as well as hundreds of articles, based on the Course.

Mary Anne Buchowski


Mary Anne is a long-time Circle teacher who has been associated with the Circle from its beginnings. She spent several years working for the Circle in Sedona, fulfilling administrative, programming, and teaching duties, while being trained as a teacher and mentored by Robert. In 2004, she returned home to Ottawa, Canada and founded, with her husband James Gregory, Course Oasis, the Circle’s first satellite organization. Mary Anne is responsible for the Circle’s Teacher-of-Pupils Training Program and study group leader training and support. She works and teaches from her home base in Ottawa.

Emily Bennington

Executive Director

Emily is executive director of the Circle of Atonement where she leads initiatives – including Course Companions – that bridge the Course’s unparalleled wisdom with practical application. Prior to joining the Circle, Emily led training programs on spiritual intelligence and mindful leadership for numerous Fortune 500 companies. Emily is the author of three books, including Miracles at Work: Turning Inner Guidance into Outer Influence, which is published by Sounds True and features a foreword by Marianne Williamson.

Course Companions bonus gifts

Our bonuses are designed to ensure you have the best possible introduction to Course Companions. When you become a member of the program, you will automatically receive the following gifts.


The Introduction to A Course in Miracles: An Overview for Students (1-hour video with Robert and Emily)

The Introduction to A Course in Miracles is only two paragraphs and yet it perfectly sets the stage for all that follows. There is a beauty and wisdom to it that has enchanted seekers since the Course was originally published. But what does it actually mean? Why do students find it so captivating and what can it tell us about the path we’re embarking on? In this 1-hour video, Robert and Emily go line-by-line through the Course’s Introduction in a way that is designed for new and seasoned students alike.


Daily Practice Tracker

Regardless of the volume you’re studying, a helpful way to stay focused on your Course practice is to select a line to repeat and meditate on throughout the day. To support you in this goal, we’ve created a Daily Practice Tracker that allows you to check off your practice periods as you complete them.

This Tracker is a beautifully-designed 8.5 x 11 PDF and covers seven days so you only have to print one page per week. Your Tracker can be used as a bookmark to help you easily find the day’s reading, and the checklist design will help you stay motivated along the way.


15% off all Circle of Atonement online programming

We are pleased to offer 15% off all online programming to active members of Course Companions. This includes our workshops, study group leader training, extended courses, and special events such as Holy Week and Christmas offerings. We host a full calendar of Course-based programming each year and this discount is our way of saying “thank you” to our wonderful Course Companions community.

“The commentaries are really amazing. Even though I’ve done the Workbook a couple of times, I feel like I’m REALLY doing the lessons now.”

Paul LeBars

Begin your journey through the Course today.

Join Course Companions and you will receive:

BONUS #1: The Introduction to A Course in Miracles: An Overview for Students (1-hour video with Robert and Emily).

BONUS #2: Daily Practice Tracker that allows you to check-off your practice periods as you complete them.

BONUS #3: 15% off all Circle of Atonement online programming including workshops, study group leader training, and special event offerings.

A reading plan for the volume you are studying (Text, Workbook for Students, or Manual for Teachers).

Daily commentaries on your lesson or section delivered to your inbox each morning by 5:30 a.m. local time.

Access to a private membership site where all of your commentaries, class recordings, and handouts are stored in one place for easy reference.

Live Workbook and Text classes each week.

Sunday Gatherings on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month.

A private Facebook group where you can interact with fellow Course Companions in a loving and safe space.

Lifetime satisfaction guarantee. Cancel anytime.

“We have participated in several study groups, but none of them even compare with the thoroughness and deep dive into ACIM that we have experienced in Course Companions.”

Val Cowan


What is A Course in Miracles?

A Course in Miracles is a spiritual path in the form of a book. Its purpose is to train us to work miracles—to accept and extend to others the healed perception that awakens us to God. The Course consists of three volumes, which are usually bound together, and include the Text, the Workbook, and the Manual for Teachers.

At Course Companions, we study the Complete and Annotated Edition (CE) of the Course, which includes extensive footnotes to aid comprehension and appreciation, and an appendix of 33 cameo essays that feature personal instruction Jesus gave to scribes Helen Schucman and Bill Thetford to help apply his teachings in daily life. The CE is available from our website and from Amazon.

What are the benefits of studying the Course?

The Course promises that countless benefits will result from walking its path, including:
The gift of a deep and profound sense of inner peace
The gift of releasing our grievances through forgiveness
The gift of relationships transformed from contentious into holy
The gift of frequent holy instants, i.e. spiritual experiences in which we temporarily enter a boundless realm of peace, joy, and love
The gift of receiving guidance from the Holy Spirit for all the decisions of our lives
The gift of finding our special function, i.e. the particular role God has for us in the world
The gift of giving, and being truly helpful, to other people
The gift of days filled with happiness
And finally, the indescribable gift of awakening fully to the awareness of God and our true home in Heaven.

I've never read A Course in Miracles. Will I be lost?

Not at all. Both beginning and advanced Course students will find a home in Course Companions. We have a large community that ranges from members who have been studying for days to members who have studying for decades. Everyone is welcome.

How much time will this take?

While you are free to go through the Course at whatever pace works for you, if you would like to complete the Text or the Workbook in one year, it’s best to plan for about 15-20 minutes of reading each day. Those who wish to are also welcome to attend our weekly 1-hour classes. (These classes are recorded and archived in the membership site so you can watch or listen at your convenience.)

When are the weekly classes?

We host Workbook classes with Mary Anne Buchowski on Mondays and Thursdays, and Text classes with Robert and Emily on Wednesdays. All classes begin at 11 a.m. Eastern and are one hour in length with a Q&A at the end. Membership includes as many classes you wish to take – as well as all the archived classes from previous years.

Can make it live? No problem. Everything is recorded and stored in the membership site for access at your convenience.

Can I read the Text and the Workbook in the same year?

We invite you to select a single volume of A Course in Miracles for your daily email commentaries. Commentaries for the other volumes can be accessed at your convenience from the membership site at any time. Please note that we do not recommend attempting to study/practice both volumes in one year as this can become overwhelming and, as a result, it’s easy to get discouraged. 

How long does my membership last? How do I cancel?

Your Course Companions membership lasts as long as you like. Depending on the payment option you choose, you will be billed monthly or annually until you cancel your subscription, which you can do at any time by emailing [email protected]

Are scholarships available?

Yes. No one is turned away from Circle programming for an inability to pay. For partial or full scholarship information, please email us at [email protected].

Can I interact with other Course Companions?

Absolutely. We host a weekly classes as well as a private Course Companions Facebook community where members have the opportunity to engage with and learn from each other at a deeper level.

“Studying A Course in Miracles with Course Companions has been the most life-changing experience I have ever had! I’ve been a spiritual seeker all my life but I can truly say that this has changed me at a deeper level than anything else I’ve ever done.”

Lynn Weedmark

About the Circle

From our origin in 1993, the purpose of the Circle of Atonement has been to be a bridge into the profound and unparalleled wisdom of A Course in Miracles. We clarify the Course’s sometimes difficult language in order to make possible a deeper understanding of its teachings. We then help you put those teachings into practice, explaining how to apply them in your everyday life. Our work grows out of our commitment to be as faithful as possible to what A Course in Miracles says. It also grows out of our years of dedication to walking this path ourselves and our desire to see the Course’s purpose realized in the lives of students and in the world.